The IRS Collection Process


The IRS collection process The IRS collection process begins with the issuance of a bill, known as a Notice and Demand for Payment, which is sent to the taxpayer indicating the amount of taxes owed and the deadline for payment. If the taxes are not paid or arrangements for payment are not made, [...]

The IRS Collection Process2023-02-03T11:47:43-05:00

Tax Debts and Federal Tax Liens


Tax Debts and Federal Tax Liens Many individuals are plagued by tax debt, and the accumulation of tax debt can be very stressful. When a return is not filed and taxes are owed, the IRS will begin the collection process. Most of the time, this process starts with passive steps, like sending [...]

Tax Debts and Federal Tax Liens2023-02-03T11:50:46-05:00
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