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If you can’t remember the last time you filed a tax return and you are scared to make things right and finally get things in order with the IRS…here is a tad bit of good news!

According to the IRS in regards to Delinquent Returns, Statement 5-133 (P-5-133) states that, “Enforcement of filing requirements, discusses delinquent returns and the enforcement filing requirements. The enforcement period is not to be more than six years”.

This means that essentially the IRS is only looking for the last six years of tax returns. So, even if you have not filed your tax returns in the past decade you will only have to file the last six years to get into compliance.

There are a few instances where the IRS will require you to go further than the six years and usually it will pertain to the following circumstances:

• The existence of income from illegal sources
• Voluntary Compliance
• If taxpayer has prior history of non-compliance
• The anticipated revenue in relation to the time and effort, required to determine tax due.
• Any special circumstances existing in the case of a particular taxpayer, class of taxpayer, or industry, or which may be peculiar to the class of tax involved.

BACK TO THE GOOD NEWS….you only need to file the last six years and you will be in compliance with the IRS! Take the first step in making things right and contact me to get started!

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